Product Range

As mentioned, our range of products are manufactured both locally and abroad. Our local products are manufactured by Nouwens carpets, who manufacture from the highest quality yarns, to endure the harsh South African climate. Nouwens products have been specifically manufactured to achieve a realistic natural look, and they have developed several turf variations with more cross-sections and colour combinations.  See images below. Our imported products are also of the highest quality.

We have selected our artificial grass manufacturers very carefully, to ensure we offer our customers affordable high quality products. We do not offer ‘cheap’ low quality artificial grass. Customers can therefore rest assure, that the products being offered are high quality, and that Artificial Grass SA will always strive to deliver a first class end product.

Nouwens Fieldturf Products

Kikuyu Turf

Application: Landscaping
Pile height: 30 mm

Bermuda Turf

Application:  Landscaping
Pile height: 30mm

Kentucky Turf

Application: Landscaping
Pile height: 20mm

Paspalum Turf

Application: Landscaping and playgrounds
Pile height: 30mm

Bent Turf

Application: Putting greens and multi-functional
Pile height: 11mm

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Tigerturf Products